Monday, August 31, 2009

Time Trial (with graphics!) and Iron Star Training 8/18/2009- 8/31/2009

Hello dear readers!

Wow! Where has the time gone? I was getting ready to blog today and I realized that I missed an entire week of workout blogs! Yikes! Training is going well for the Iron Star triathlon in November. I'm fully recovered and back into the full swing of things. Since this race is only a 1/2 (as if a 70.3 mile race is easy!), the distances are much more manageable and I actually have gained some weight with the reduced amount of super long distance training. Here is a recap of my workouts:

Tuesday's Bike and Run Transition Session 8/18/2009

This was a combination of a bike workout on the indoor trainer and a run immediately following after:

Bike Session

2 x 1 min fast spin/ 30 sec. easy
4x (2min. Zone #3 to high 4 w/ cadence 80-100 / 2min. easy
4 x Hills = 1min big gear (80rpm)w/hr#3/1min. standing (70-75rpm) w/ hr#4 / 1min fast spin (100+) w/hr#4-5) w/ 2min easy between sets.
4 x 30 sec. SLD
10 min. cool down

Run Session

4 miles at a 9:35 minute per mile pace

Wednesday's Bike Session 8/19/2009

Twenty mile road bike training in Heart Rate Zone 2

Thursday's Run and Weights Session 8/20/2009

Ran 4 miles in the morning at 10 minute per mile pace.

In the evening I did a lower body weight training session at the gym.

Friday's Swim Session 8/21/2009

I swam 200 yards at the pool. This was done as:

Warm Up: 8 x 75 w/ 15 sec. rest as: 4 free / 4 stroke / 4 kick
Main Set: 4 x 200 free, 8 x 25(1stroke/1free), 8 x 25(1kick/1free), 5x 50free all w/10-20 set rest
Cool Down: 300 pull buoy swim

Saturday's Run Session 8/22/2009

I ran 10 miles on this day at an easy pace. This was done in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. It was a really hot day that day.

Sunday's Bike Session 8/23/2009

I rode 50 miles this day. Felt really good and rode with the Tri On The Run team as usual. Average speed was 19 miles per hour and was a little tired but otherwise pretty happy with this.

Monday's Swim and Weight Training Session 8/24/2009

Swam 2500 meters today as:

Warm Up: 12 x 50 as: alternating drill/kick on 15 sec. rest
Main Set: 2 x (300 free easy, 4 x 50 back on 20 sec. rest) 200 pull easy
Cool Down: 16 x 25 choice easy on 5 sec rest

In the evening I did a upper body weight training session.

Tuesday's Bike and Run Combination Session 8/24/2009

I did a combo session of biking and running today. The bike session was performed on an indoor trainer as:

6 x 30 sec. SLD / 1 min easy
8 min. steady at 100+rpm and HR#4 / 3 min easy
6 min. steady at 100+rpm and HR#4 / 3 min easy
4 min. steady at 100+rpm and HR# high 4-low5 / 3 min easy
6 x 30 sec. SLD / 1 min easy
10 min. cool down

This totally kicked my butt!!! Getting into a high 4 and low 5 heart rate is very challenging for me that is a heart rate of 158 beats per minute sustained!

Of course I immediately ran 4 miles afterword at a 9:15 minute per mile pace.

Wednesday's Off Day 8/26/2009

This was an off day in preparation for my Thursday time trial.

Thursday's Running Time Trial 8/27/2009

I had a tough day today. I had a time trial that was supposed to be done on the track. Unfortunately, no track was available due to school now being in session and two football games occurring after school. So after driving around to 4 different schools I gave up and went home to do the time trial in the neighborhood. This is bad because now I have an inconsistent surface AND I have to watch out for cars. All well, I did the time trial as:

2 Mile Warm Up
2 Miles at 100% effort
1 Mile Warm Down

How did I do? Well I did improve on my last time trial by over a minute. I was happy with that. Took a total time of 14 minutes and 17 seconds. Here are the graphics for my heart rate and speed as seen by my GPS watch (click image to make it bigger!):

This graphic shows the speed (blue) and my heart rate (red) over the entire 5 miles. Need to work on keeping my speed consistent.

Friday's Swim Session 8/28/2009

I swam 2500 meters as:

Warm Up: 5 x 200 as: 2 free/ 1drill/ 1 kick on 25 sec. rest
Main Set: 8 x 100 free on 15 sec. rest, 4 x 100 drills on 20 sec. rest
Cool Down: 300 choice easy

Saturday's Run Session 8/29/2009

This was a easy 8 mile run. I ran it at a pace of 10:07 on average. Not bad for a slow run day.

Sunday's Bike Session 8/30/2009

I was supposed to ride 40 miles this day. I wasn't feeling all that well in the morning and decided to do a full body weight training session at the gym instead. As my cool down I did 30 minutes of the stair climber at a very difficult level. Felt really good to change things up a bit.

Monday's Swim Session 8/31/2009

Today I swam 2500 meters as:

Warm Up: 12 x 75 w/ 15 sec. rest as: 4 free / 4 stroke / 4 kick
Main Set: 4 x 200 free, 8 x 25(1stroke/1free), 8 x 25(1kick/1free), 5x 50free all w/10-20 set rest
Cool Down: 500 pull buoy swim

And now you all are up to speed as to what I've been doing lately! Until next time...

Tri your best!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ironman Training and Lake Placid Photos!

Hello dear readers!

As I said in my previous entry, I am back in the swing of things. Here was my swim workout information:

Swim Training 8/17/2009

Had a pretty good workout this day. My shoulder was bothering me a little from sleeping weird I guess, but got through it fine at the prescribed effort levels as shown below:

Warm Up: 2 x 300 free w/ 10 sec. rest;
Main Set: easy, aerobic – 2 x 100 / 2 x 200 / 1x400 / 2 x 100 all easy free on 10-20 sec. rest
Cool Down: 8 x 50 (3free/3drill/2kick)

Ironman Photos and Gallery

I have finally received my photos from ASI () and they look pretty good. With this being a non-profit site and with my efforts to raise funds for the CCFA, they are kind enough to work with me as long as I give them credit on the photos themselves. You can find the Ironman Lake Placid 2009 photos in the Gallery page at .

That's all for now!

Tri your best,


Sunday, August 16, 2009

William Choppa, Back Online!

Hello Dear Readers,

Wow, what a time! Since the Ironman Lake Placid race, I have been laying low, recovering, recuperating, rejuvenating and renovating! As most of you may already know, recovery is very important, especially after a extreme race such as Ironman. So my workouts have been short, light and infrequent for the first week back from New York. Don't worry I DID take a few days off here and there, but as you all know it is impossible for me to completely turn off my addiction to exercise and triathlon.

Sunday 8/16/2009

Today is the start of my third week back since the race and now we I am full on back into training. I will start posting more regularly again, now that I am back on my normal schedule.

As stated in the news section, my next race is the Iron Star 70.3. It's a half Ironman near Lake Conroe in Texas. Unfortunately that distance is as long as they for for Triathlon in this state. Hopefully some day, there will be one, but until then halves is where its at!

In any case, thanks for reading!

Tri your best!