Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CCFA Donation Site is Live!

I am happy to announce that the donation site for my fundraising for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) is live and accepting donations! Please support this outstanding organzation. You can go to the site by clicking here. You can also access the site by going to the "Donate to CCFA" tab at my website (

Remember, all donations are tax deductible and go to the CCFA directly. I hope to raise at least $5000 dollars this raising season. As donations come in, I will be keeping a tab as to how far we are towards the goal.

And of course, you can donate to my personal racing fund directly by going to the "Sponsors" tab at Triathlon racing is expensive and all donations are GREATLY appreciated.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Feeling Good!

Yesterday I went to the gym and tried to run again. This time I got 2 whole miles before I started to feel a twinge in my knee. This is great progress! My plan is to add a half mile to each run session every third day till I am at least at 8 miles or so. If I get to that point, I will be entering into the Lone Start 70.3 mile Triathlon (that's 1/2 the full Ironman Distance). This race takes place in Galveston so it won't be too hard to get to.

Bike training is coming along fine and my swimming is actually pretty great. I really am planning on focusing on the swim and run this year since they are my weakest sports.

I'll blog some more this week about my training efforts.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rehab of Knee (Are we done yet?)

Good morning everyone!

I had my last rehabilitation session yesterday. I say last, because there really isn't much more they can do besides showing me the exercises for knee flexibility and strengthening. I guess I could keep going, but it seems like I am taking the rehab folks away from people who are worse off than me. It's not like I can't walk. I just have issues when I run!

I did run a mile a few days ago to see how it felt. Had some pain, so I stopped. I am going to try again today and see if I can go farther than a mile. Hopefully, over time I can build my lengths up to 13 miles or so. If I do, then I will likely enter the Lone Star Half Ironman as my 2009 Inaugural Triathlon.

So while my gimpy knee is holding me back, the training plan is to work on my swimming and biking. These don't hurt the knee.

Until next time, train safe, smart and most importantly have fun!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knee Rehab

I went to my first rehabilitation session yesterday. The guy evaluated my knee and the prognosis is pretty good (I think). We did a bunch of strength tests and he manipulated my knee all over the place to see where the pain was. Surprisingly he said the muscles around my knee are all very strong from the weight training I do. But his biggest concern is my lack of flexibility.

Like a lot of athletes I know, I HATE stretching. It's SOOOO boring. Well, like everyone has told me in the past (yeah yeah I know), my lack of flexibility is causing these injuries. So mainly the program he is going to put me through is flexibility exercises. He said based on my lack of movement, he estimates it may be three months before I am at the level he thinks I should be at.

That said, I can continue training for swimming and biking now (as long as it does not bother my knee). He wants me to not run for a while to let the injury heal a bit and let me at least start loosening up. So depending on how the recovery goes, I may do the Lone Star 1/2 Ironman, but we'll see.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Disaster in Bandera!

What a day. I got my first DNF (Did Not Finish). Here's what happened:

The day started out great. It was not too cold (abut 48 degrees). Got to the site on time and handed off my drop off bag in the drop zone and proceeded to the starting line. The race started at 7:30 AM and the beginning of a long day ensued. Remember this race was two loops of 31 miles, over very rough and non-standard terrain. I ran with my buddy Miles (who I met at the 50 mile Huntsville Ultra) and things were going pretty well. The course was definitely rolling hills and at some specific times very steep uphill rock climbs. Here are a few pics of the flat parts:

And of course there is a corresponding downhill to all this. I should have known that something was going to go wrong when we got a few miles in and there was a guy standing on the trail telling us to take a detour. Let me tell you that this course is very remote and parts of it are not accessible by car or atv, etc. So they had these rescue guys out patrolling the course on horseback. So this detour was very unusual, especially the morning of the race. Turns out that on the crazy sloped trail with all the loose rocks, a horse had fallen and had to be put down. They detoured us so that we wouldn't see it.

So I say to myself: "Better run REEAAALLLYYY careful". Here's a picture I nabbed from a fellow runner with a small idea of what those rocky areas looked like:

At mile 15 or so it happened. I was following Miles downhill and lost my footing on those darn wobbly rocks and went butt over teakettle. I wrenched my bad knee in the process. At first I thought I was ok, and started to run again but after a few miles my knee started to REALLY hurt. And of course it was more agravated that the ground is uneven.

At about Mile eighteen my knee wouldn't hardly bend anymore and running was out of the question. I called it a day. I must say I was really disappointed. This was the first race I didn't finish.

Of course, this race was just for fun (if running 62 miles can be called that), and I wanted to make sure I would be able to Ironman Lake Placid in July.

I went to the orthopedic surgeon today and had my knee X-Rayed and evaluated. He said that my knee (while painful and messed up), I didn't cause it any severe damage. So that was great news. I start doing some rehab on Wednesday and will let you all know how that goes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bandara 100KM Race Tomorrow!

Hey yall! Well I finally made it out here to San Antonio (about an hour outside Bandera) and have my gear all set up. Here is a picture of the race gear:

Among the items shown here:

1. Race Belt
2. Four Race Bottles
3. Shoes
4. 2 Pairs of socks
5. Racing Shorts
6. Racing Shirt
7. Enduralytes
8. Perpetuem
9. GU (Strawberry Bannana is my favorite!)
10. Hip Light (It is going to be night by the time I'm finished)
11. Rain Coat
12. Cliff Bars
13. Advil
14. Sunscreen
15. Body Glide (To let those sensitive parts not get chaffed)
16. Knee Braces
17. Hat
18. Sunglasses
19. Heart Monitor
20. GPS Watch (Garmin is awesome!)
21. Viverine
22. Blister Kit
23. Camelback Water Bladder

So I think I am all set. I had my traditional Pre Race gorgeathon (sp?). Went to IHOP and had:

1. Rooty Tooty (Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage).
2. Biscuits and Gray
3. Wheat Toast
4. Eggs Benedict
5. Coffee
6. Orange Juice

In the AM I will have some muscle milk and coffee and gatorade.

Wish me luck and I will post a race report Sunday or Monday.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

6 Days to Go Before Bandera 100K!

We are just 6 days away from my first 100 km running race. I am excited as well as nervous. Training has been going fairly well, mostly have been doing a taper program since my 50 mile race in Huntsville.

My knee seems be to be holding up fairly well. I know that there will be copious amounts of pain involved during this race. Once it is done I plan on going to a knee doctor and having it checked out.

I'll be leaving on Friday for the 5 hour drive to Bandera. I plan on taking my camera and cell phone so that I can take pictures while I am racing. Who knows, maybe I will get bored and start calling people while I am actually racing!