Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hello Dear Readers!

Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very wonderful Holiday Season. Hope it is joyous and safe for all of you. Be thankful for your health and fitness and keep it up throughout the holiday season! No slacking off allowed!

A Note About Safety

Remember that this time of year there are a lot of drivers out there who may not be the most sober, so be careful when training outside. Runners should always run against the flow of traffic and on the sidewalk if possible. Remember to always assume the drivers cannot see you. Bikers, don't ride alone, group rides are always safer.

Bandera 100KM Ultra Preparation

Did a 12 mile run yesterday. You can see my training data on my training page or directly here.

I have a 30 mile run coming up on Sunday (Saturday is just going to be too busy for me to do it then). That should be my last long run before the race taper.

Anyway, that's all for now and thank you all for your support!

Tri your best,


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bandera Training and Another Race Added to My Calander!

Hello Dear Readers!

Bandera 100KM Race Training

Wow I had a really long weekend. On Sunday I ran 26 miles at ultra racing pace. This translates to AS SLOW AS POSSIBLE. Not quite running, but not walking either. I uploaded my stats to my Garmin training page (shows you map and lap splits, etc.):

Garmin Connect

Here is the overview:

Distance: 26 Miles
Time: 05:09:14
Calories Burned: 2,747
Average Pace Per Mile: 11:53
Elevation Gain: 2,694 ft
Elevation Loss: 2,748 ft
Min Elevation: -28 ft
Max Elevation: 99 ft
Avg HR: 135 bpm
Max HR: 162 bpm

Race News

I am officially registered for the Ironman Lonestar 70.3 race to be held on April 25th, 2010 in Galveston Texas. Information about the race can be found here.

Otherwise, training is going pretty well. Knees are holding up pretty well. I am completely not worried about speed at this point since my goal is just to complete the distance within the allotted time.

I'll keep you all posted as the Bandera race gets closer. Until then....

Tri your best!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Race Announcements and Other Stuff

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy Holidays! I cannot believe this year has flew by so quickly! I wanted to drop everyone a little update and of course to wish all of you a safe a joyous holiday season!

Race Updates

Well I have officially entered the Bandera 100 KM Ultra-marathon. Race information can be found here.

Some of you may recall from one of my earlier blog entries that I tried to do this race last time around and fell around mile 20 and had to pull out. So it's been bothering me all year that this one race is the only race I have never completed.

My strategy for this race is simple: FINISH! I have 24 hours to complete this race. So if I keep an average of 3 MPH, I should have plenty of time. This is like walking speed. So I will lightly jog the flats and gentle rolling hills where the ground is easily navigable. But when it comes to the steep inclines and declines, or any part of the ground where there is the slightest possibility I could fall, we are going to walk it!

Working with Kevin has been a great blessing. We have changed my routine to be very running oriented. Of course this time of year is the worst time to train long distances. Family visits, holiday shopping, etc. make it really hard to put the time in. I must admit I have had to skip some workouts here and there but the long runs are still getting put in. I have to run 25 miles this weekend and have a 30 mile run in a few weeks.

I've been getting used to wearing a Camelback hydration system on my long runs. Remember there are not water stops every mile but every 7 to 10 miles.

Another issue I am dealing with is my knee pain. I have been forced to run on treadmills here and there and I am finding that it kills my joints. I also need to get more cold weather running gear.

Anyway, I'll post some more as new developments occur. Until then....

Tri your Best!